“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nothin to talk about

I keep thinking to myself, "I really need to update my blog", but I don't have anything interesting to say. It's unfortunate. My days are spent watching Evie makes laps around the house, cause she's a pro at crawling now. Did I tell you? I basically just monitor her and make sure she doesn't eat anything too dangerous. Last month she found a thumb tack and put it in her mouth. Luckily, I got it out before any damage was done, but that just about gave me a heart attack. My house is a complete disaster because I cannot seem to get down a good cleaning regiment and because most of the time I am just too dang lazy. Evelyn is loving being mobile and able to go wherever she wants to go. She has turned into a pretty low maintenance little girl and I am really enjoying it. She just crawls around, squealing the whole time, and tries to find new ways to scare me to death, like getting to the second step on the stairs, or almost eating a dead bug I didn't know existed. I think she is starting to feel better because she is eating and sleeping again. Yay! Unfortunately, she has reverted back to waking up at 4am everyday thinking that she needs to eat. Being sick is the pits. Right now she is napping and I SHOULD be doing the dishes, or folding laundry, or cleaning the kitchen, but instead I think I will finish blogging and then read a book. See what I mean about being lazy? It's a sickness. Evie and I did go on a walk today though, so I get points for that. 

Dan is still really busy at work, but he's trying to get the last week of March off so that we can go to SLC and see his family. Hopefully that works out. He hasn't been back to Utah in over a year I think. He is such an amazing man and I love him.


  1. Sometimes you just need lazy days. Reading a book actually sounds awesome right about now. I'm sure being a mom is totally exhausting so you deserve to have a little "you" time and relax. Hope you guys are doing well! Miss you!

  2. End of march! Play date! Planning on it! Xoxo

  3. Is she doing better with the stroller? We might be getting out this morning, but it's al ittle hard to tell when, since Katy woke up at 6...

    1. Yeah. I gave her some snacks to eat while she was in it, so that helped a lot.


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