“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eleven months// Is this week over yet?

My Evie Lou is eleven months old! And what a month it has been! First, she had a cold, then she got an ear infection, followed by the flu, and then a mystery illness that caused her to have a fever for 3 days straight. The fact that she's smiling at all is a testament to what a sweet girl she is, because let me tell you, she was miserable. Yesterday a mysterious rash appeared all over her tiny body, so we can add that to the fun of her being 11 months old. Seriously!? Despite all this though, we have managed to have a little fun. No matter how crummy she is feeling she still seriously LOVES bath time. In fact, if we ask her if it's "happy fun bath time", she squeals, crawls over to the stairs and tries to climb up them. (so far, she hasn't managed to get past the second step, thank goodness) She absolutely hates getting her diaper changed or getting dressed. She loves everything electronic, including the TV, which is a constant battle of wills between her and I. She loves all berries, bananas, clementines, and pretty much anything I am eating at the time, and strangely enough, she loves green beans as well. When she isn't sick and cranky, she loves to just crawl all over the house babbling constantly and playing with all her toys. Sometimes she will give me big slobbery kisses on the cheek and great big hugs. My favorite is when I am sitting on the couch doing something while she is playing, and she crawls over to me, reaches up and gives me a hug. FAVORITE. I seriously love this girl. She has the cutest little personality. She is funny, and she knows she's funny, so she tries to make you laugh and then laughs at herself. Also, if she hears you laughing about something, she'll assume it's something she did, so she starts laughing too and repeats whatever it was she was doing at the time. Evie is also extremely stubborn and willful, which is a challenge a lot of the time. She learns how to do things so quickly, it's crazy! She knows how to hold her own bottle or feed herself with a spoon, but more often than not, she won't because she knows you'll do it for her. Silly. I bought her a new toy the other day and I only had to show her how it works once, and bam, she had it down. Seriously, so smart. I can't believe we ever lived without her because she just brings us both so much joy and has made our lives exponentially better.

Now, can I talk about this week really fast? It has become one of those weeks that I know I will look back on years down the road and think, "how did I ever make it through that?". I'll give you a quick rundown. Evelyn has been really sick, Dan is gone, and my mom is coming on Friday. Which means that I am doing the single parent thing with a sick and needy baby, while simultaneously trying to get my house clean and ready for company. It's not going well. My mom may walk into a disaster area instead of a house, hopefully she doesn't judge me too harshly (obviously I am kidding. my mom doesn't judge). Oy. Tomorrow cannot come fast enough.


  1. That's too bad Evie has been sick. Especially while Dan is away. I'm glad your mom is coming to visit! Miss you guys!

  2. Oh man Britany!! I feel awful, I'm sorry I haven't been checking up with you more regularly! Not that I could have done anything but geeze, how difficult! Poor Evelyn, that'd be the worst. Jori's had a cold on and off since forever (aka Christmas), but it was never too to bad.

    I'm really glad your mom is coming out-I'm sure that'll be fantastic!

    Love you sis, you're wonderful

  3. I love the first picture. Her face sums up the title perfectly. I'm sorry your week's been so bad on top of Dan being gone! Tommy and I are going to be apart for the first time in two years and I'm stressing big time even though I'll be with fam! We miss you guys!

  4. I'm glad to hear Evie is doing better. Can't wait to spoil her a little bit! Hope she will let us babysit so you and Dan can go to the temple and have a date as well. We'll do our best to charm her socks off. :)


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