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Monday, September 16, 2013

This post is all about food

 So, Korean food is delicious. Did you know? Yes, some of the older generation still eats dog. And, yes, sometimes they do eat chicken anus (yuck), but most of the food here is absolutely to die for. We've been out to eat several times at many different places, and each time we've been pleasantly surprised. Surprised because we can't read Korean and most menus don't have pictures, so we play menu roulette. Mmmmm.

On one of our dates, we stumbled upon this place and decided to go in because they had some English on their sign and the menu had pictures. This place served chicken galbi, which is the rib meat from a chicken.

In the middle of the table is this giant burner, and they turn in on for you and then put a big round thing around it, so you can't burn yourself.

Then, they put all the stuff in the pot for you

And cut up all the meat and cook it right in from of you

After they're done, they walk away and you have this giant thing in the middle of the table full of yummy goodness. They give you leaves and things on the side, so you take your chopsticks, grab some grub, put it in the leaf and eat it

 Another place we went, really was a surprise because the menu looked like this:

 Luckily, I ended up with bibimbop and Dan ended up with something similar. Yum yum yum.

Some of my favorite things, so far, would be bibimbop, kimbop, dumplings, kimchi (believe it or not), and this pork cutlet thing. We've also had a cold noodle soup that was yummy, and anything at Paris baguette is delicious. The one time we finally got to get some Korean bbq, it too was extremely tasty.

bibimbop--- Rice and veggies mixed together with a spicy red paste and an egg
kimpop--- kind of like sushi. Rice and assorted things wrapped in seaweed
kimchi--- the Korean staple food. It's like fermented cabbage and things in a spicy red paste

You should come visit us. The food alone is worth the trip. For real.

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