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-President Hinckley

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

twelve months/ Evelyn's first birthday

 Evelyn turned 1 on April 7th! Her birthday really snuck up on me. Maybe I was in denial or something because I just cannot believe that she is so old. How did she get so big so fast? How does that happen? Her birthday was a lot of fun. We had a lot of really great friends over, had some food, chatted a lot, played, and opened presents. It was great, and I think Evie really had fun with all those kids running around. She loves, loves older kids and just follows them around the whole time.

 See those chompers on top?

I had so many little helpers! In about 5 minutes, I was surrounded by presents.

Evie eventually got tired of opening presents and played on the floor

So, 12 months. This month Evelyn has actually changed a lot. She...
  • has actually started using her little walker and loves it
  • waves and claps all the time
  • Can climb up the stairs. Oy
  • has gotten extremely picky about what she eats. 
  • will sometimes blow kisses
  • gives a lot of hugs. Like, all the time and it's totally random
  • throws tantrums like you wouldn't believe. She actually grabs me and bites me now when she's mad. I'm sorry, is she 1 or 15?
  • actually enjoys being outside
  • doesn't fight me on nap time anymore
  • loves to destroy anything that is in order. Blocks, DVDs, pillows, whatever. Destructor baby
  • will let pretty much anyone hold her now and has become super social
  • doesn't care at all if we leave her with a babysitter anymore as long as they will play with her
  •  is seriously so funny. She does things on purpose now just to make us laugh.
  • has four new teeth on top, and they all came in at the same time. Seriously...
  • still loves bath time and still hates diaper changes and getting dressed. 
I cannot believe she's a year old. It blows my mind just to think about it. What a great year it has been, too! I'm so glad I have this blog and that I have kept track of her changes so that I can look back on this, years from now, and remember her the way she used to be. Happy birthday, baby girl. I love you more than you will ever know.

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  1. Is she 1, 15, or a baby vampire? Seriously, you should get that checked out... ;-) Off topic, how do you guys feel about roller coasters?


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