“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

help me please

Hello all you mothers out there.
My baby cries pretty much all the time. I have tried Mylicon, Gripe Water, Pedialyte, and baby Zantac, but still she cries for the majority of the day. She has some times of pleasantness that last like 15min at a time, but then she all the sudden freaks out and starts crying again. I'm out of ideas. Help!


  1. i WISH you lived in utah. i would bounce that little baby for you anytime you needed.

    she might have colic & remain a bit fussy for the first few months of life. ryan had really bad colic & cried pretty much all the time (according to my mom). i will ask her what worked with him. i know she has lots of tricks, but i think she just tried to soothe him as best she good, but still, he cried a lot. evelyn will grow out of it, but i'm sure it's so so hard. i will ask my mom what worked for her. have you tried the swing, the car, wearing her in a sling, putting her in her carseat on top of the dryer, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing??

    has her doctor looked into whether she might be lactose intolerant? i'm sure he has, but just a thought.

    i'm sorry. it will get better. hang in there, brit.

  2. I'm so sorry hun. I know how you feel, Bennett was the same way. He ended up not doing so well when I would drink milk, which was ALL the time. I love milk. Once I stopped drinking milk and began to really pay attention to what I was eating, it seemed to get better. Also, she may have bad gas bubbles. I would try bending her legs so that they press on her tummy, and pump them for a minute or two and see what happens. It tends to help with gas problems.
    If I think of other things, I will let you know. That's all I can think of right now besides the medicine.

  3. Ugh I am so sorry! That is soo frustrating! And stressful! Make sure you don't get too stressed and take a breather. If she gets overwhelming, step away. There is nothing wrong with letting her cry for a few mins while you calm down!
    Try infant massage. Get her legs moving. That will (hopefully) help with gas and bubbles.
    Also, if you are nursing, watch what you are eating. For my daugther, salty things and chinese food made her really upset. Fake sugars made her fussy too. Sometimes certain veggies can too, like broccoli. Hope this helps! I am 7 hours ahead of you, if you need anything (especially in the middle of your night) i am awake! :) MIss you!

  4. Don't give up on the medications. They may be helping more than you think. Try cutting out formula altogether for a week or so and feeding nothing but breast milk, and also yourself cutting out all spicy foods, chocolate, soda. See if it makes any difference at all. But honestly, as others have said, some "colicky" babies will stay fussy for the first 2-3 months and all you can do is comfort them as best you can with walking, rocking, bouncing, the football hold, or whatever works. Hang in there, I promise it won't last forever. You are a great mom.


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