“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sometimes I think I live my life in pink and green

 In case you were wondering, the color scheme for my house in not pink and green. Not at all. But Evie seems to take up so much of the living room space that it kind of looks that way. We start our day with baby einstein in the bumbo while I take a shower and eat breakfast. Then there's some play/ funny faces time followed by a nap. After the nap she eats her rice cereal and loves it; making a huge mess in the process. Sometimes we go for a walk, but more often than not we play on the floor together or I put her in her entertainer. Depending on the day, she'll watch me do the dishes in the kitchen sitting in her bouncer, all the while listening to music and dancing. Sometimes I even cook a little something. This is followed by another nap and another round of rice cereal, followed by an attempt at a vegetable or fruit of some kind. At this point she hates all non-milk, non-cereal items. Sigh. And that is how most of our days go.

But, not lately. Because lately little miss has had a really stuffy nose. Which means she has a really hard time sleeping or nursing. So, most days it's just crying all day long until she wears herself out. I feel really bad for her and I wish there was something I could do, but more than that I just feel frustrated and exhausted. Dan didn't get home until 9 last night, so I didn't get to get out of the house and go anywhere.  I'm just exhausted. Any words of encouragement?

So this is what my life looks like. Pink and green, baby. 

Loves her baby einstein. Is she cute or what?


  1. Have you tried to mix the cereal with a fruit or veggie so she has some of the taste she is familiar to with a new one? You can add just a bit of any fruit and vegetable to it and see how she does.

  2. do you not have the car when dan isn't home? it's so hard to not get out of the house. my words of encouragement are to get out of the house. xoxo

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  4. Maybe this isn't helpful-I mean my baby cries a LOT...but remember, you've been through worse. This too shall pass. :) And I second what someone else said about getting out of the house, but if driving somewhere's not possible are there any places within walking distance? I think I remember mom saying there was a YMCA fairly close...haha I don't even know anything about YMCA's except they have pools and there's a song...but still, could you go there for a change in scenery?
    I'll also state probably the obvious, just in case-are you able to give her any medicine for it?
    And maybe the bottle would be easier with a cold, just thinking about it...because with the breast, the baby has to be able to latch on completely and suck to get milk, right? Not leaving much room for air. But with a bottle they don't have to do so much work-milk just comes...so perhaps breathing would be a bit easier. ? Just watch close so she's not inhaling milk?

    Good luck. I wish I had the magic answer for you!!! But you can do it!!

    Oh, yeah the other thing: don't feel ashamed to take a break. Like having someone come stay with her for 2 hours everyday or something. Or every other day. Or whatever. If that's an option, it's a great one. :)

  5. I know how it feels to have your husband come home so late. Mine didn't come home til 8-9 the last two nights...made it the longest two days ever.

    We also have one car- it stinks just to have one car.

    Hopefully things will brighten up soon. :)


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