“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

something about nothing

I'm tired of not having a car and never being able to go anywhere
Dan gets to go play basketball and to scouts
but I stay here
and do the dishes, repeatedly
and the laundry
and clean the living room
and play with baby toys
and watch yo gabba gabba
and dance around the kitchen with my baby

And I really do love it
Except that sometimes it becomes too much
and I feel like I need a break
a break from being in the house all day long
ya know? 
My problems are pretty unoriginal and I know I don't have anything to complain about really.

And most days I'm just fine staying here all day
but today Dan went straight from work to a basketball game
and then straight to scouts from there
so I can't go run the errands I need to because he won't get home until 8ish

No, we can't share the car. We thought about that, but traffic is so bad that if I were to take Dan to and from work everyday, that would be 4 hours in the car a day for Evie. No thanks.
Also, Dan can't use the public transportation, like carpools and such, because he doesn't have a set schedule.
So here I am. Stuck. Oh well. There are worse things in life. It's a good thing I love that Evie girl so much
If you read this whole thing, you are a champion
sorry about complaining.


  1. Gosh, that would be hard. Dang it, you need that car. I can't imagine not being able to go out and go to the store or the mall or wherever just to leave the house. You're right. That would be so hard. Is there a friend who could let you carpool places with her??


  2. I'm sorry :( mom and dad let us use their Camry for almost all of the semester, so that was great. But we haven't had it for a little while and I agree, the days when he's gone all day sure seem long.
    But Jori hates her carseat a lot so I don't feel much motivated to drive many places with her, anyway...
    What about a taxi? haha maybe that's a crazy idea...I've always wanted to go places in a taxi. :)
    Love you. We should skype, maybe then you wouldn't feel so cut off.

  3. I so understand how you feel. We have always just had one car, and it's not fun. Right now I love my job because it gets me out of the house, it's time that I HAVE to be gone. If you ever need to complain you can call me, those are the worst days for me, when I am feeling whiny and have no one to complain to and then I slam Nate when he gets home. Being a stay at home mom is no job for wusses.


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