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Thursday, April 3, 2014

89/365--Suesong Lake

 Oh man, today was jam packed full of fun things. Before naps, we walked over to Kim Pasa and got ourselves some Kimbop, because you have to have kimbop to complete your Korean experience. I think Diane liked it. Then we walked over to Paris Baguette and a couple other places while we were out. After naps, we drove to Suesong Lake and strolled around for a while. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the kids were being really good, so we thought we would try and see if they would let us on the paddle boats. And they did! Koreans aren't as concerned with safety as Americans because they don't have to worry about every single person suing them if something goes wrong. The boats were shaped like ducks and can fit 5 people, so it was pretty excellent. We named our duck-boat Gracie. So, paddle boats look and sound like a lot of fun, which they are, but man, they are so much work! I got in a really good work out today with those paddle boats. Think of a stair master. It's like that. 


yay food!

Suesong Lake

chasing pigeons

beautiful scenery. See all the cherry blossoms?

back of the boat

after a while, Emmett wanted to steer. Such a boy

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