“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Thursday, June 30, 2011

my 24th birthday

Today is my birthday. The big 2-4. I actually forgot it was my birthday until I got a text from one of my friends this morning. Dan forgot too. Before you get too upset, just know that we have been insanely busy trying to get everything done with paperwork and stuff. The Army requires a ridiculous amount of things from you when you move to a new place. We signed the lease on our house this morning, so happy birthday to me! Maybe next week Dan and I will celebrate, but even if we don't it's not a big deal. Birthdays just aren't as big a deal as they used to be once you have a baby. Her birthdays are way more special.

Here's a depressing/funny story for you:
Right now we're staying on base in a navy hotel and every time we've left the base Dan has been with me. Well, yesterday I decided to go pick up some food from Domino's and left Dan in the hotel room. When I tried to get back on base with just my driver's license they were absolutely shocked. He asked me if I had anything else to show him besides my DL, which confused me, and I said no. Apparently I need a dependent ID. What? So, he wouldn't let me on the base and instead sent me to the pass office. So, I can't get on the base without Dan, I can't get a dependent ID without Dan, and I was just stuck unable to get home. Every person I talked to just said the same thing, that I need a dependent ID, I kept replying that I understand that, but my husband is in the hotel room on base, which I can't get to, and so he can't come get me or help me out. If they could just let me on base I could go get him and show that he is in the Army, but no. I was stranded for about an hour until a lady (after laughing for quite a while at my predicament) took pity on me and gave me a temporary visitor's pass. Hallelujah. Apparently if your husband is in the military you can't do anything without him. You don't matter. You're nothing. Period. Stupid Army.


  1. c'mon, you've got to do SOMETHING for your birthday! go get yourself a cupcake or a frozen yogurt or something, brit. tell the army to chill out. your the birthday queen. love you cousin.

  2. bahhhh! YOU'RE the birthday queen, not YOUR the birthday queen. i can't believe i did that! my biggest pet peeve! i'm going to cry myself to sleep now! where is my brain?!!?

  3. Wow! That is crazy about the whole not being able to get on post. Fort Riley lets pretty much anyone with a drivers license on post. When John and I were dating all I had to do was drive through their visitors area and they would give me a pass. The only question I was asked was "where are you going". The last few times I went on all I had to do was show them my license...they didn't even have the guest pass area open anymore. I wonder why they are so strict where you are.

  4. Yikes I haven't heard about such strict rules either (not that I have vast military experience or anything).

    I hope things calm down for you soon!

  5. It could be it's the navy post right? Or that you don't have the special sticker in your car.

  6. Britany, I for one do not believe you're a terrorist. You don't even look like one. Tell the guards I will vouch for you.


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