“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well being of one’s companion”
-President Hinckley

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fro Yo

We have found our new favorite thing.
Frozen Yogurt.

There is a new store that just opened up here in Manhattan called the Orange Leaf.
Basically, there is a wall full of all different flavors of frozen yogurt
and you grab a bowl and self serve however much yogurt you want.
Then, you go to this buffet thing and pick any toppings you want.
After that they weigh it, and you pay.
I got vanilla yogurt with a bunch of different fruits and it was

Thank you Fro Yo for giving us a pretty excellent, and mighty affordable, date.


  1. Holy cow, I love that place. We must totally be on the same wave-length or something. I love all the cool furniture they have at Orange Leaf also- it makes me feel so chic.

    Btw- I need your address to send some sweet lovin' to lil' one.

  2. I love frozen yogurt places like that!!! There was one right around the corner from the last place Sam and I lived, and on Saturday's they'd have discounted date night. Yummmmmm!


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